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Autron’s innovative natural convector Low Surface Temperature (LST) radiators offer significant benefits and advantages over other heating sources.


Delivering effective heating faster

The heat emitters inside Autron natural convectAutron Emmiter Close Upor radiators contain less than 1/3 the water found in a traditional steel panel radiator, rated at producing the same Wattage.

Less water content means less time taken for the emitters to heat up. In addition, Autron’s copper and aluminium emitters weigh a fraction of steel panel radiators. Less metal means that the heat generated transfers to the surrounding air faster, through the process of natural convection.

An Autron natural convector radiator will typically start to deliver effective room heating within 2 minutes of hot water entering the emitter. That’s up to 10x faster than with some steel panel radiators.

Lower energy usage. Lower energy costs

Stack of moneyAs an Autron natural convector radiator contains far less water than a traditional steel panel radiator of the same Wattage output, it takes less boiler energy to heat it up which can result in lower fuel bills.

Independent tests by the UK Building Research Establishment (BRE), have shown that natural convector radiators are capable of savings in energy consumption of up to 15% depending on external weather conditions.

More controllable heat

Traditional panel radiators and underfloor heating systems can take quite a while to deliver their heat output to a room.

It’s not uncommon for a panel radiator to take up to 20 minutes from cold start, to generate significant heat once a boiler has been turned on.

However once a room is comfortably warm and the heating is turned off, that heat can dissipate quickly leading to Thermostatthe system firing up again, taking time to reach an optimal room temperature. A slow and unresponsiveness system can result in a cycle of heating-on-heating-off creating a ‘buffering’ effect where room temperatures can appreciably yo-yo and occupants can feel they are either ‘baking or freezing’.

Autron’s faster heat up and heat transfer times mean that the heating in rooms equipped with these natural convector radiators, only needs to be turned on as and when required. Conversely as Autron emitters are composed of less metal and contain less water than traditional panel radiators, they cool down faster which means less wasted heat when not required.

Autron radiators therefore provide more control and significantly less heat buffering than with traditional panel radiators and underfloor heating systems.


Fully tested heat outputs you can trust

The heat outputs of all Autron natural convector radiators BSRIAhave been independently tested and verified by BSRIA, the highly respected UK construction industry and building services research organisation.

Our ranges have been type tested by BSRIA in accordance with BS EN 442 – the European standard for radiators.


Fully compliant LST performance where required

Autron natural convector radiators equipped with the emitter prefix “S” have been specifically designed to perform as LST heaters which are fully compliant with the Health Guidance Note; “Safe” hot Water and Surface Temperatures as published by NHS Estates.

This is the standard used in healthcare in the UK andmonkshouse-4 is also referred to as a benchmark by education and social care authorities nationwide.

Autron radiators equipped with ‘S’ type emitters have been tested at BSRIA to be compliant when used with water flow temperatures up to 82°C and a 71°C return temperature, effectively keeping all surfaces including the outlet grille to a maximum temperature of 43°C.

Autron’s higher output emitters with the prefix “H” are also fully compliant, when used with a maximum flow temperature of 75°C and a return temperature of 55°C.

Whatever Autron emitter is used, the side and front panel of the radiator casing will not exceed 43°C at flow temperatures of up to 85°C.


More environmentally friendly…

Natural convector radiators require less energy input than traditional panel radiators to produce the heat output. This means that the boiler systems can use less energy and are thereby responsible for producing lower CO2 emissions.




…and suitable for use with ‘greener’ heating sources

Autron produce a range of low-flow tGren leaf and biomassemperature friendly emitters, suitable for use with newer energy efficient condensing boilers, ground source heat pumps and other renewable energy sources.

Whilst traditional steel panel radiators would need to be even bigger to accommodate the reduced heat output due to a lower flow temperature, Autron’s 5H range of enhanced heat output emitters can still fit inside radiators casings of a similar size to lower output emitter models. This can save on wall and floor space.

Versatile operation and easy installation

Autron natural convector emitters can be used with both two pipe and with single pipe heating systems*3 Stage Autron LST build

All Autron radiator casings are supplied fully assembled to reduce the hassle of installation and commission and all components are clearly labelled. In addition the size and light weight of the internal copper and aluminium emitters makes them very easy to handle and install.

For example, the emitter in a high output Sovereign ‘C’ style radiator 745mm high and over 2 metres long, will weigh less than 15kgs.

Cut outs in the casings can be programmed in at manufacturing stage to allow for pipe work and skirting boards, saving installation time. Autron can arrange for split deliveries so that emitters arrive before the casings, to reduce the risk of damage or the loss of components on site.

Installation itself is in 3 easy steps: fit a set of mounting brackets to the wall, fit and plumb in the emitter and fit the case.



BioCote® anti-microbial protection

All Autron radiators are now supplied as standard with BioCote anti-microbial protection built into the paintwork.BioCote logo This technology supplied by a world leader in the field of anti-microbial protection, lasts the lifetime of the radiator case and is proven to reduce the risk of healthcare associated infections such as MRSA and E.coli, reducing germs and microbes on the radiator casing surface by up to 99.96% in less than 2 hours. Learn more about BioCote protection here.

Durable, smart cases that are easy to clean

The front and side end panels of Autron radiator casings are manufactured  from 1.2mm DSC_0349Zintec steel and provide strong, robust protection to the heating emitter inside. Rounded edges are an integral design feature of Autron cases ensuring that they not only look good but help reduce the risk of injury, in the event of someone falling against a radiator. The attractive anodised aluminium outlet and optional inlet grilles are easily removed for cleaning and maintenance.



Extra peace of mind

All Autron natural convection radiators are covered by a 5 year warranty in respect of 5 year warrantydefective materials and manufacture**







*Use with a single pipe system will require the installation of diverter / swept tees on both the flow and return connections to the heating circuit and will need the application of low resistance valves.

**Terms and conditions apply.