Why choose Autron for schools?

The majority of UK schools and other Kids in classeducational establishments use wet heating systems powered by a central boiler with a network of radiators throughout the building. Although newer heating systems such wall or ceiling mounted radiant panels and underfloor heating are increasingly specified in many new build projects, wet radiator systems still remain largely the most popular solution for school refurbishment projects being cost effective and relatively fast and easy to install and commission.

Specifying Autron LST radiators in the education sector carries significant benefits.


It is well documented that unguarded radiators and heating pipework can reach dangerously high temperatures, especially in a high water volume wet systems. Contact with surfaces above 43 °C can lead to serious injury within a very short space of time and this is particularly the case with the more delicate skin of children. It is therefore vitally important that children do not come into direct contact with hot radiator surfaces.Garfield 4 LR

The Education (School Premises) Regulations 1999 explicitly states that in a special school, nursery school or teaching accommodation used by a nursery class in a school the surface temperature of any radiator, including exposed pipework, which is in a position where it may be touched by a pupil shall not exceed 43°C.

Local authorities, school managers and consultant specifiers can rest assured that all Autron natural convector LST radiators equipped with the emitter prefix “S” are fully compliant with the School Premises regulations.

Autron radiators have been tested at BSRIA to be compliant when used with water flow temperatures up to 82°C and a 71°C return temperature, effectively keeping all surfaces including the outlet grille, to a maximum temperature of 43°C.

In addition to keeping children safe from the dangers of excessively hot surfaces, All Autron Sovereign LST radiator cases are equipped with bullnose corners and fully rounded edges to minimise the risk of injury if (or likely when) children fall against them.

All Autron LST radiators now incorporate a BioCote® anti-microbial additive in their paint as standard. This coating provides effective and permanent protection to the surface of the LST radiator case, preventing the growth of harmful microbes such as bacteria and fungi which can commonly be found in high traffic public environments such as schools. Regular tests have shown that BioCote reduces the risk of infections caused by bacteria including E.Coli, Listeria and Salmonella, by reducing the colonies on protected surfaces by up to BioCote logo99.96% in less than 2 hours.

There is a strong social and economic case for investing in products that contribute to cleaner classrooms. A lower incidence of microbes in classrooms exposes children to fewer avoidable illnesses, thereby helping to reduce school absenteeism. This not only aids childrens’ immediate education but helps reduce the time-off so often required by parents to nurse sick children.


According to the Carbon Trust heating in UK schools accounts for at least half of a school’s annual fuel use. Keeping this usage under control and indeed reducing it can help make considerable savings. It is therefore important that any heating system is not only effective but also efficient.

The Education (School Premises) Regulations 1999  state that areas where there is a normal level of physical activity associated with teaching, study or examinations, should Energy monitor in school LRbe heated to 18C. To maintain this temperature, the output of a heating system is likely to vary widely through the course of a day, with the system working hardest at the start of a cold morning and then easing off as the background ambient temperature rises. Due to the larger volumes of water used in traditional panel radiators and underfloor heating, they can be slow to respond when room temperatures fluctuate as people enter, leave or windows are opened and closed. A buffering effect can therefore be created as a heating plays perpetual catch up with the demands of a room’s thermostat, being either too hot or too cold.

The faster heat up and heat transfer times of Autron natural convector radiators, mean that the heating in rooms only needs to come on when required. As natural convectors also cool down faster, less heat energy is likely to be wasted by teachers or pupils opening windows to cool a classroom down. This can result in considerable energy savings over the course of a school term.

Smart appearance and durability

Autron LST radiators are designed to look good and stay LST radiators in classroom LRlooking good for longer, even in busy and demanding school environments.

The front and end panels of all Autron LST radiator cases are manufactured from 1.2mm zinc coated steel. The front panel is made up of individual panels, spot welded together on the panel returns to provide extra robustness. As standard the cases are finished in a tough, easy to clean, white (RAL 9003) PPC which incorporates a BioCote® anti-microbial additive.

In addition if a building design theme requires, all Autron radiator cases can be finished in virtually any RAL or BS colour*.

*Subject to minimum order volumes.